Lloseta: Camí d’Almadrà and Es Castellot in Filicomís estate

If you take the cemetery road out of Lloseta, from Aiamans, the road of the same name follows the torrent to S’Estorell Vell estate house. Together with Galatzó estate, S’Estorell Vell symbolizes the power wielded in the 17th century by the Fuster family, who were related to the Count and Countess of Aiamans and Count and Countess of Formiguera. The legendary, ambitious, blood-thirsty Evil Count of Formiguera died without an heir and his properties were divided up after a long legal battle (over fiduciary rights).  

If you travel along the Alaró road (the Ma-2110) and then Carretera d’Almadrà, which runs alongside the torrent, you reach Filicomís estate, also known as S’Estorell Nou (1). Crowning a nearby hill is Es Castellot (2), a Talayotic fort dating back over three thousand years. Its strategically situated defensive wall, made of huge blocks of stone, has a 180-metre perimeter.

Murada des Castellot

Es Castellot’s defensive wall (Vicenç Sastre)